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The Brave Little Abacus - Okumay

Image of The Brave Little Abacus - Okumay


The final release from these dudes and quite possibly their best yet. Given the brevity of a seven inch, gone are the sprawling musical epics and transitions. What remains is the heartfelt and sincere pop/punk/etc sensibilities that they've developed in the background all these years. Even in the context of being nostalgic for the past/friends/childhood or what have you ("45 minutes from 'somewhere out there'" borrows from the An American Tail soundtrack), the final words (not quite THEIR words, but regardless) on the record seem to somehow profoundly show a sense of being comfortable in moving on: “My name’s not Karen anymore. It’s Okumay.”

For geOn (for Colin)
45 minutes from "somewhere out there"
don't come around here no more (please)

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